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Posted on: September 22, 2008 7:22 pm

I love how people around the country are questioning where the herolded gator offence has gone. As far as im concerned its there more than ever.  When a team starts at their own fifty yard line stats are gonna decrease a bit. And with that clock rule that they change every year the plays have gone down as well. But besides that the defence was the part of the gators that were questioned going into the year. I can remeber two years ago when everyone thought they didnt belong on the same field as tOSU, and were they proved wrong. Through all of '06 analysts asked where the style points were.... Defence. And now with the awesome special teams and a maturing d, i rele do think this team is better than '06. Now i know its early and im not saying they will have the same end result... but with a much better offence and special teams unit... and a vastly improved d, i sure do like there chances in 08-09.

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