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I love how people around the country are questioning where the herolded gator offence has gone. As far as im concerned its there more than ever.  When a team starts at their own fifty yard line stats are gonna decrease a bit. And with that clock rule that they change every year the plays have gone down as well. But besides that the defence was the part of the gators that were questioned going into the year. I can remeber two years ago when everyone thought they didnt belong on the same field as tOSU, and were they proved wrong. Through all of '06 analysts asked where the style points were.... Defence. And now with the awesome special teams and a maturing d, i rele do think this team is better than '06. Now i know its early and im not saying they will have the same end result... but with a much better offence and special teams unit... and a vastly improved d, i sure do like there chances in 08-09.

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Posted on: September 17, 2008 7:39 pm

SEC talk (top ten addition)

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South Eastern Conference

The south eastern conference has been highly touted and deservingly so.  At the top of every columnists rankings is the SEC. 5 top ten teams rank among the SEC elite and 6 others are in the a.p. top 50 (mississippi state being the only team left out). week in and week out is a challenge in the SEC and unlike say the big ten you have to give it your all every single week. That was shown last week when the kids from starkville held auburn to three points. people say that auburn is overated because they only kicked a field.  first off to be able to win on just a field is pretty impressive. secondly, they're only saying that because there fans of the big ten; and a road win is a road win in the SEC you cannot argue that. 8 teams in the SEC are in the top 30 in total defence, thats impressive.



After a 3-0 start the bulldogs have dropped in the polls two consecutive weeks. Ive heard people not rank them as an elite team anymore.  They have the second longest winning streak in the nation (BYU #1) and a heisman favorite in Knowshon. Matt stafford has a huge arm and every nfl scout seems to love his balls. Although personally i think he has to start completing over 55% of his passes to be considered a first round guy. I mean a lot of that has to go on his banged on o-line and lack of big time play makers on the outside. Massaquoi (or however you spell it) isnt bad and the frosh AJ Jones is gonna be special but no safety blanket for stafford on third and long. They should soundly beat on Arizona State this week.




After the Gators got off to a quick start against hawaii, everyone questioned their offence when they battled for the seminole war canoe versus miami.  As a Gator fan i couldn't have been happier with the result. Their offence is their strong suit and they have a plethora of athletes on that side of the ball, and when the defence and special teams plays great they are gonna win ball games. so im not worried about their offence, tim tebow percy harvin, louis murphy and the list gones on and on...they will come around for sure. but i have heard that percy is 100% and that is music to my ears and nails on a chalkboard for defensive cordinators in the SEC. i think florida will win 35 - 13 this week, tenn is tough at home but crompton is not ready for this kind of game.




Year in and year out LSU has a very very good team. they are a contender again and that defence can play some ball. and charles scott is going for 11 yards a carry or some crazy number. im aware they havent played a formidable opponent but we will sure find out this week because auburn may have the best d in the country. As long as andrew hatch manages the game well and doesnt turn the ball over lsu should put up enough points to beat auburn but winning is never easy coming in jordan aire.




This team drops in the polls after winning on the road in the SEC. for every SEC hater that cant appreciate that, go back to the big ten, because winning on the road anywhere in the SEC is more valid than traveling to northwestern and getting a W there. And people say there is no style points when winning 3-2, but guess what in the SEC defence is style points, and right now auburn is more stylish than Auburn has a top 5 defence and if they get there new offence together they can cause fits in the conference.  i dont see Auburn winning this week but the under-over for this game is gotta be about 15 points.




How great is it that they handled favored clemson? i have never been so proud to be an SEC fan, except for when the suckeyes lose to an SEC team in the national championship. but otherwise nothing more proud.  Julio Jones is a star in the making and he has all the tools to be a first rounder.  This week bama travels to fayetville to play arkansas, i would like to believe arkansas will play them tough through the first three quarters and bama will pull away in the fourth. Bama will win 24-10 as long as they dont look ahead because next week they go between the hedges.


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